A roulette is like a dice or a coin.

Every spin or throw is inpredictable, completely determined by chance.

A roulette has no memory, every new spin the ball can end up in any of the 37 red or black colored pockets.
That uncertainty makes that no strategy can make you a profit in the long term.

But is that really true? Or can you beat the odds? Keep reading!

What if there was a mathematical proven and substantiated "always winning strategy"?
A play pattern that excels in simplicity but always makes you win?

Would you like to try that?

Well, that strategy, this play pattern: it exists and it works.
You can learn and master it in less than 10 minutes.

I am going to share this with you at no cost.

Let's start at the roulette table, as for an example the one below.

At the left you may recognize the wheel with the 37 numbered pockets.
At the right there's the playfield with the 37 numbers corresponding to the pockets on the wheel.

If you bet on one of the 37 numbers there's only a small change to win back your stakes.
So let's forget that part of the playfield

Our attention goes to "black" and "red" in the green circle.

Playing with "black" and "red" is as easy as it looks.

Bet 1 Dollar on "black" and if the ball drops in a black pocket, you double your stake.
Bet 1 Dollar on "black" and if the ball drops in a red pocket, you lose your stake.

That sounds simple but how will that make you money? Pay attention!

If you bet 1 Dollar on "black" and the ball drops in a black pocket, you win 2 Dollar. That's a 1 Dollar gain.
But if you bet 1 Dollar on "black" and the ball drops in a red pocket, you lose your stake, that's a 1 Dollar loss.

Here's the trick: when you lose, you double your bet.

So this time you double your bet, you bet 2 Dollar on "black" and the ball drops in the red pocket.
You just lost 2 Dollar. 2 + 1 Dollar is 3 Dollar lost already.

You double your bet again and now bet 4 Dollar and the ball finally hits a black pocket.
You now have won 8 Dollar, minus the 7 Dollar you already put in is a 1 Dollar profit.

Now you have won a round, you start a new round with 1 Dollar bet.
Again you bet 1 Dollar on "black", the ball hits red and you lose 1 Dollar.

Because you lost you double your bet and put 2 Dollar on "black". The ball hits "black" and you win 4 Dollar.
4 Dollar minus 3 Dollar is again 1 Dollar profit.

Now you're starting to get the hang of it!

The rules:

- always start every round with a 1 Dollar bet
- when you lose, double your bet for the next spin
- when you win, start a round at 1 Dollar
- choose a color and stick with it during the whole game
- obay the rules

This way you can make over 60$ an hour.

Please try and learn this strategy in "play for free" games before you start playing with real money.
At the bottom of this page there's a list of casino's that offer "play for free" roulette games.


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